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thecityofbones's Journal

The city of bones | The Mortal Instruments
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about. us.

Welcome to Thecityofbones, your #1 source for The Mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Please feel free to join the community, to meet like-minded people and admire the series. Also, read news, join in discussions, and submit your fan art.

Our. partners.

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The mods.
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Do you have any questions, suggestions to the community? You can page-a-mod or send a message to us.

Mods: Thismellark.

To keep in mind.

Content: You may post whatever you please so long as it's related to The Mortal Instruments. News, questions, fan art, discussion, pictures, and more are very welcome.

Tags: Please remembr to TAG your post with existing tags, if you need a new tag to be added, please comment here.

Flames: Obviously, please refrain from flaming. Bashing will not be tolerated by the mods and you will be banned. We are a nice community, what does this mean? It means don't be a jerk. No homophobia/rascism/classism/sexism/any ism that requires being mean to people. Do not start drama, we don't wan't it.

Moderation: If any of the mods feel you are being inappropriate, not following the rules, or just here to cause problems, you will be banned from the community. The mods also have the right to reject any post they deem unsuitable for the community. We will not take advantage of our power. But be friendly.

Fanfiction: When posting fic you must use the following format OR a clear variation of it with proper warnings (rating is a must):

Lj-cuts: All graphics larger than 400px wide must be behind an lj-cut. Also any spoilers from the upcoming book.

Thanks to these.

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